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New Star Wars: The Old Republic episode arrives on Feb. 11

Trailer released for Anarchy in Paradise

The next episode in BioWare's episodic expansion story, Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire will be released on Feb 11. This morning, publisher EA released a trailer for the new story addition, called "Anarchy in Paradise."

It's the first in a series of seven new chapters based on the story of the Outlander. In recent months, BioWare and publisher EA have been cranking out more content for their Stars Wars MMO in an effort to boost player numbers, while moving away from a focus on leveling up and grinding. New players can jump in at level 60 and play the new stories.

Here's EA's blurb on the new story:

"Anarchy in Paradise introduces a new ally, an infamous mercenary known as Firebrand. Her mission is to destroy the Eternal Empire by attacking Zakuul and crushing the seat of power, the Eternal Throne, by any means necessary. It will be up to the Outlander to decide just how far he or she is willing to go to beat the Eternal Emperor. Players will experience the grim consequences of their past decisions and feel the grip of the hand of fate on their dangerous journey. "

You can find out more about Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire here.

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