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Classic WWI Red Baron games now on Steam

Classic World War I air combat sims Red Baron and Red Baron 3D are being re-released on Steam today for $8.99.

The original Red Baron was first launched by Dynamix back in 1990 and was a major hit, allowing players to duel above the trenches in German, British and French combat aircraft including the Fokker Triplane, the Sopwith Camel and the SPAD XIII. A sequel, Red Baron 2, followed in 1997. It was later renamed Red Baron 3D.

The rights to both games were acquired by former Dynamix co-founder Damon Slye, who is republishing them now, along with digital scans of the original manuals and a mission builder. Slye, who currently runs developer and publisher Mad Otter, is hoping to create a new Red Baron game in the future.

"Red Baron and Red Baron 3D went on to become both commercial and critical successes, and to this day remain the most highly regarded WWI flight sims," said Slye. "Newer games have since been released with modern graphics, but the level of historical depth in Red Baron remains unmatched."