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Mad Max director wants to make a Furiosa movie

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Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller has said previously that he plans to return to the franchise in a couple of years, and recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he would like to focus on Fury Road's star character, Furiosa.

Miller said that Furiosa was a character with an incredibly rich backstory that they unfortunately couldn't get into because Fury Road didn't allow much time for character discovery. When he returns to the series after taking a break to work on smaller, more independent films, he'd like to dig into her history.

"In many ways, the audience has already picked up a lot about Furiosa, and it's enough that it's left some intrigue," Miller said. "She's got a really interesting story."

Miller added that while Furiosa was one of the characters he was interested in exploring further, every character he writes is designed to have the potential for their own stand-alone film. He used the guitar-playing War Boy as an example, and said that if he wanted to, he could delve into the backstory of that character.

Still, a Furiosa movie is a long way off. Although Miller has expressed interest in doing it, hasn't even started working on the script. However, the director did confirm he was currently talking to the studio about bringing the next Mad Max to fruition.

Fury Road was Polygon's number one movie of the year, and has already won several awards. Both the movie and Miller are up for Golden Globe awards this Sunday, too.

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