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Live-action Teen Titans series dead in the water at TNT

Long-delayed Titans is a no-go

Titans, TNT's superhero drama based on several classic DC comics superheroes, is no longer in production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Reilly, president of TNT, confirmed that the channel had officially moved on from the project during a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour this week. This year, Reilly's first in his role, marks a series of changes for TNT and its sister TBS, and he explained that shows like Titans no longer fit the overall vision.

"We just decided it wasn't quite where we wanted to go," he explained during the session.

The network first announced that it was developing the series with Oscar winner (and Batman & Robin scribe) Akiva Goldsman back in 2014. News has been light since then, beyond the proposed basic premise: Heroes-in-training Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson), Starfire and more were to band together, asserting their place alongside their older counterparts, like Batman. The Nerdist also offered more details on who the cast would include back in February.

Fans might recognize the storyline as that of the Teen Titans franchise. The group of adolescent crimefighters were first glimpsed way back in 1964 before starring in their own revival series, The New Teen Titans, in the 80s. Comics based on the group still run today, and they've already starred in two separate Cartoon Network series of note. The most recent, the lighthearted comedy Teen Titans Go!, is still on the air.

Currently, the television landscape is littered with superhero series, with even more on the way. DC Comics in particular has a stronghold on the TV front, even if Titans won't be joining the line-up. Right now, the publisher's series are featured in Gotham on Fox and The FlashArrow and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow on The CW. We're also fans of Supergirl here on Polygon.

Looking ahead, FX has Legion in the works; Fox is also working on an X-Men drama, Hellfire.

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