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Pitting Hearthstone's various themed decks against each other

Deathrattle vs. battlecry vs. spells vs. murlocs - which will emerge victorious?

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This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is a special treat for folks who like building themed decks. You get to put together your own deck, and then at the start of each game choose a single bonus that will only apply to your side of the board for the rest of the game.

Your choices:

  • Give all Deathrattle minions one extra attack and one extra health
  • Give all Battlecry minions one extra attack and one extra health
  • Summon a one attack, one health Murloc Tinyfin at the start of every turn
  • Give your hero three armor for every spell that you cast.

Naturally, being the Hearthstone experts that we are, we had to try out every one of these combinations in our Tavern Brawl video this week. Check it out for yourself above, and take a look at more of our Hearthstone videos on our YouTube playlist.