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HBO is bringing back Deadwood as a movie

The Western is getting the Entourage treatment

After being off the air for 10 years, Deadwood is set to make its return.

Michael Lombardo, president of programming for HBO, told TVLine that he had spoken to creator David Milch about making a movie based on the series and had given it the okay. Lombardo added that Milch felt like he had left certain things "unsaid" and wasn't done with the series just yet.

"I've known him for a long time and it feels like it's something he's not done talking about," Lombardo said.

The executive also offered Milch the network’s unwavering support for a film adaptation of Deadwood, which will more than likely debut on TV instead of in a theater. Lombardo did mention that Milch was working on another project currently, however, and had to finish that before starting on the script for the Deadwood movie.

The road to making a Deadwood movie has been tumultuous, with previous films being given the go ahead before falling apart, according to Variety. Before that, Milch was previously offered the opportunity to work on a fourth season, but declined.

To date, Deadwood is still one of HBO's most critically acclaimed and beloved series. The show followed the folks of a small town in South Dakota, and their contribution to the corruption and crime that took place.

The entire series is available to stream on HBO Now.

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