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What to watch on the sixth day of Awesome Games Done Quick 2016

In which your childhood games become the spotlight

It's close to call time at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016, and a lot of the heavy hitting runs are starting to pop out. From here on out almost every game on the schedule was a major release or childhood classic that's about to be totally ruined. There's still about 38 hours of marathon left though, so let's highlight some of the more interesting runs out there.

Polygon's livestream post for Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is here. The full schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is here.


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

This isn't the first blindfolded race at a Games Done Quick event (which is very weird to write), but it's one of the best. Both players have to rely on strict audio cues to win their cards, and it's possible for players to perform too well and accidentally change their opponents patterns. This is also a race that completes the final Mike Tyson fight blindfolded, something that was close to impossible a couple years ago.

Paper Mario

While the more well known Mario RPG speedrun is Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario manages to hold its own with a wide variety of combat strategy and a ton of technical breaks. Mario has to spend the grand majority of the game in a Peril, a state that keeps him at one HP. The runner was able to successfully stay in danger and really crack open this classic game. A fun couch backed him up as well, keeping the energy alive.

Upcoming Runs:

Friday, Jan. 8 
6:50 p.m.: Mega Man 6

The classic Mega Man block can be a lot of blue bomber to digest, but Mega Man 6 runner Ohon has a massive amount of skill that makes him a great watch. Despite this, he's somewhat unknown to many GDQ viewers and was barely able to attend AGDQ 2015. He was only able to attend through the contribution and support of the speedrunning community. He's here because speedrunners wanted him here.

9:05 p.m.: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest - All Dungeons

Master Quest plays like an incredibly difficult romhack, but with all the glory and glitch possibilities of the original Ocarina of Time. The All Dungeons run gets a chance to show off the huge changes that Master Quest brought to the original Ocarina of Time and the unique set of glitches that the changed game provides. Ocarina of Time is normally an incredibly broken game, and the Master Quest speedrun is like a different picture painted with the same tools.

Saturday, Jan. 9
10:00 a.m.: Crash Bandicoot 100%

Danger is a common theme throughout many speedruns, but few runs can compare with Crash Bandicoot 100% and its inherent risk. In this run a single death can waste minutes, as Crash needs to beat a level without dying to unlock gems required for the category. This danger is only paralleled in a few roguelike speedruns that have permadeath at any moment, and a brief list of dangerous action games like Dark Souls. Crash also handles like an unstable kayak, an important aspect to the game that nostalgia can sometimes cloud. An always tense run, but almost always fun.

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