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Say hello to the smallest VR 'headset' of CES

It's tiny, it's cute and it works

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CES is filled with companies that are offering their own spin on Google Cardboard viewers or virtual reality devices that are powered by your phone, and most of them are awful. The Homido Mini is an interesting take on this market though, as the hardware's design takes away every bit of optional plastic to create a viewer that fits neatly in your pocket.

The device opens up, your Android or iOS device slides into the slot, and you can enjoy any VR app on your phone that's compatible with Cardboard. You will also look pretty goofy, as shown below but, as you look around, the illusion of looking through a 3D window into another world is at least moderately effective.

humido 2

The viewer is available via Amazon for under $20, and it's a fun and inexpensive first step into VR if you find the Cardboard viewers that are actually made out of cardboard to be a bit restrictive.

I've had a good time at the show demoing a few things for curious writers using the hardware Homido provided me for testing, and everyone was impressed by its tiny size and relatively solid experience. It's also nice to be able to see a bit of the world around you, in case you're one of those people who can feel a bit locked in by standard VR viewers.

This is a neat little product.

Homido 3

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