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Mad Max's George Miller willing to hand off franchise to younger director

Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller recently said he was interested in exploring the film's main character, Furiosa, in a new movie, but he may have had a change of heart.

Talking to Studio 360, Miller said that he was more than willing to leave the future of the franchise in a new director's hands. Miller acknowledged that directors are getting "younger and younger" and understanding the scope of what cinema can do at much earlier ages. He added there were plenty of good directors available that he would feel comfortable handing the franchise to.

It took the 70-year-old Miller 15 years to write and direct Fury Road. Considering how long it would take to make another film of the same magnitude, it's only logical Miller would be seeking a replacement. That didn't stop the director from admitting he would eventually like to return to the series and focus in on Furiosa's character in another installment.

For now, Miller has said he wants to work on smaller, more independent films for a few years. He did confirm, however, that the scripts for future Mad Max films were already being worked on.