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Marvel Heroes creator David Brevik leaves developer Gazillion

He's going indie

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

David Brevik, the CEO of Gazillion Entertainment and former president of Blizzard North, is leaving the company he helped lead over the past seven years to work on new projects. The former creative director of Marvel Heroes announced his departure today on the game's forums.

Brevik is leaving his position as CEO of Gazillion and will be going independent.

"After doing this for several years, I really want to get back to developing games and programming," Brevik said. "I got into this industry to make games and I miss the day-to-day creation process."

Brevik started at Gazillion as creative director, but eventually went on to become head of all Gazillion studios, then chief operating officer, then CEO. He said the decision to leave Gazillion was "difficult, because I love Marvel Heroes."

"I love our community," he said. "I love the team I helped assemble. We have an incredibly talented staff here and I know that the game is in great hands. I believe in the future of the game and I know a lot of the amazing things that are being worked on. The game has some really cool features coming that I know I will enjoy. Yes, I will still be playing the game. Yes, I will still be streaming. I will still be sending the team feedback and information and suggestions. I may not work at Gazillion, but I love this game. I'm very proud of what we accomplished.

"As for what's next, I am going to go indie. I'm going back to doing the things I love most: programming and making games. We will have more information about that in the future."

Brevik was president of Blizzard North, the team that developed the original Diablo, for 11 years. He later co-founded Hellgate: London developer Flagship Studios and joined Gazillion in 2009 to develop Marvel Heroes, a free-to-play, online action-RPG featuring Marvel's roster of superheroes and villains. Gazillion relaunched the game as Marvel Heroes 2015 in 2014.

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