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Final Fantasy Adventure remake getting an English version (update)

Game Boy classic heading to smartphones

A remake of Game Boy title Final Fantasy Adventure, otherwise known as the first game in the Mana franchise, appears to be receiving a localization. The game's Japanese Twitter account first revealed an overseas release in a tweet.

Renamed Adventures of Mana, the game is said to launch on iOS and Android in the West. The Japanese version of its website also lists PlayStation Vita as a platform, but the English-language site lacks that designation.

There's no release date given for either Western territories or Japan; links to check out the game on the App Store or Google Play Store are currently grayed out. In the meantime, the website offers the first English-language screens of the game, as well as information on its storyline and characters.

You can watch the debut trailer for the revamp of the 25 year old game above, which Square Enix premiered in September. A Western release was hinted at when a European trademark filing was discovered in November.

Square Enix hasn't officially announced Adventures of Mana for Western release. We've reached out for confirmation that the game is heading overseas.

Update: A representative for Square Enix told Polygon Jan. 12 that Adventures of Mana is confirmed for a worldwide release "in the near future."

They added that "[as] for the platforms, the Japanese version will be released on iOS/Android/PlayStation Vita, and the English version will be released on iOS/Android, with no plans of releasing on the PlayStation Vita."

Correction: The game was first released in 1991, 25 years ago. The story above has been corrected.

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