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Overland is FTL meets the post-apocalypse, from the creator of Canabalt

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When Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman announced a new studio in 2014, we weren't sure what to expect out of it. As it turns out, we should have been expecting something awesome.

Late last month, we were able to take a look at Overland, the first new project to come from Saltsman's studio, Finji. It's a board game-inspired, turn-based title where you control a ragtag group of survivors. You must cross the continent following a mysterious, society-collapsing event.

While traveling, you'll play through procedurally generated maps that allow you to fight strange monsters, meet new allies and scavenge for weapons and fuel. Think of it like 2012's excellent roguelike FTL, but if FTL were set on a post-apocalyptic earth rather than in space.

Check out the video above to see the game in action and hear some of our initial thoughts. Finji is aiming to release Overland later in 2016 for PC and Mac. Console and tablet ports are planned for the future but not yet confirmed.