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A film nerd explains why you should care about video games

As people who play and write about and talk about games every day, it's easy to take for granted that people should love games.  Why wouldn't you? They're the best!

But sometimes getting some perspective from someone less obsessed with the medium can be very enlightening. Such is the case with the above video from YouTube creator Shannon Strucci. Strucci is a self-professed film nerd — in fact, she hosts an ongoing video series titled "So You Wanna Be a Film Nerd" to help give viewers deeper knowledge on that medium. But she's also extremely interested in games.

Through this 15-minute video, Strucci points to examples like Silent Hill 2Papers, Please and The Stanely Parable to demonstrate the range and depth of moods and emotions that games can get across. She also uses clips of Charlie Brooker and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, among others, to drive her points home.

It's an entertaining video that helped remind me of what I love about games. And it's great seeing those points explained so smartly by someone who also has a deep respect and understanding for film.

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