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PlayStation Plus is $20 off its new, higher price with NewEgg promo code

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The price of PlayStation Plus went up by ten bucks to $59.99 last week and if you didn't renew before that went into effect, there's a NewEgg promo code out there to save the day.

Using code EMCFEEF33 (via SlickDeals) knocks $20 off the price, down to $39.99 which is less than the old subscription, even. Note that the code is for a physical card which must be shipped to the buyer. But if you can wait, it's good to have on hand when the re-up comes due.

The code also appears to be valid in the United States only.

PlayStation jacked the cost of PS Plus on Sept. 22, meaning an annual sub is $59.99, three months is $24.99 and a month is now $9.99. That was the first price increase since the service launched in 2010.

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