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Capcom rolls out tool for botched up update that broke Street Fighter 5 on PC

Removes anti-cheat file that created a security threat

Capcom has issued a tool for Street Fighter 5 will remove a file that presented a security threat to users of the PC version of the game.

The update, announced yesterday evening on Street Fighter 5's Steam page, will find and eliminate the Capcom.sys file that was part of a larger catastrophe of an update that broke the game a week ago.

Capcom quickly announced it was rolling back the security update after numerous users complained in forums and social media. The measures had been taken as part of an anti-cheating effort.

There are very specific instructions for removing the Capcom.sys file, all of which may be read here. The gist of it s that two batch files are added to a folder marked Tools in the Street Fighter 5 directory. Both must be run, and a system restart is necessary.

Capcom issued the rollback tool as a batch file "so that users can see the source code and be assured that this file does not contain any harmful data." That said, because .bat files can be easily manipulated, Capcom warns against downloading the update from any source other than Capcom, through Steam. "Obtaining this file through other sources can put you at risk of opening up your system to additional security risks.," Capcom says.

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