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Pokémon Generations returns to Johto and the days of hunting down legendaries

This one goes out to the Johto fans out there

Pokémon Generations’ sixth episode, above, deviates from the previous shorts this season for a quieter, more elegiac story. Those who swear by the second generation of games may want to get a tissue box ready, because "The Reawakening" tugs right at the nostalgic heartstrings.

It’s not really a sad episode, however; it’s just that Eusine, its narrator and Pokémon Crystal’s leading Suicine researcher, has such a wistful tone as he recounts the discovery of several legendary Pokémon. Anyone who’s played Pokémon Silver, Gold and Crystal to death will find the poetic origins of Ho-Oh, Suicune, Entei and Raikou both familiar and moving, in large part due to watching it unfold in beautiful animation.

It’s also nice to see Ecruteak City’s famed Burned Tower, better known as the resting place of the all-mighty Ho-Oh, reimagined for the modern-day viewer. Ho-Oh rallies the legendary dogs around the structure as people from a bygone era watch with reverence (and just a tiny bit of fear). It’s a pretty powerful image for the most dedicated Pokémon fan to behold.

The Johto era of Pokeémon has come and gone, however; we’re moving onto the Alola region and the seventh generation of games, which Pokémon Sun and Moon will introduce us to next month.

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