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Mafia 3's glitches range from the beautiful to the bizarre

Some are finding true art amidst the bugs

In its first four days on the market, Mafia 3 is already earning a reputation among many console and PC players as glitchy and bug-filled. Videos like the one above have racked up nearly a million views from those who delight in seeing games at their most broken, but some of the issues have actually endeared us to the open-world adventure game.

We’ve seen Twitter users mock the game by sharing clips of characters freezing in mirrors, walking through cars and transmogrifying into ragdolls, but our favorite glitches are more David OReilly than David Cronenberg. Behold this eye-catching set of textures, caused by some unfortunate graphical failings:

We’re especially fond of this entire house that’s been overwhelmed by the power of glitch art:

That’s not to say we only enjoy highbrow breakage. We’re only human, after all; when we see this boat spinning wildly out of control, we have to laugh:

Publisher 2K is well-aware of the graphical issues plaguing Mafia 3; beyond the glitches and bugs, those on Windows PC specifically are reporting a locked framerate. A patch is currently in the works, 2K said last Thursday. Yet we can only hope that the company recognizes that there’s some prettiness to be found in imperfection — and some good goofs, too.

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