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The best New York Comic Con cosplay from 2016

That Reinhardt!

New York Comic Con is one of the most popular culture conventions on the East Coast.

Each year, hundreds of companies mingle with thousands of fans for a weekend of comics, panels, swag and more.

And each year, the cosplay at the New York Comic Con gets more and more impressive.

As we scouted the floor, it was no surprise to see a multitude of Harley Quinns from Suicide Squad, Deadpools and Star Wars characters from The Force Awakens. On the gaming side, we saw plenty of Overwatch, Borderlands and Mortal Kombat characters.

We saw so many Deadpools that we even made him the "free space" in our New York Comic Con Cosplay Bingo video, which you can watch below.

Despite that, the cosplay at this year's New York Comic Con didn't disappoint. Among the packed crowds at the Javits Center, here are some of our favorite cosplays from the conceptual (Bob Ross and a Happy Tree) to the impressive (just look at how huge that Reinhardt is!).

Did you see any amazing cosplays this year? If so, share them in the comments.

Photos by Jeff Ramos/Polygon

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