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Watch Sony’s PlayStation VR setup videos now, save yourself time later

Start planning your cable strategy now

If PlayStation VR — which launches officially this Thursday — is your first virtual reality headset, you might want to watch three quick videos released by Sony today that walk through the process of setting up the hardware. Five minutes of your time today might save you a lot more time later this week, or at least give you a heads-up on planning your cable management system.

The first video, above, is more of an unboxing video than anything else. But in addition to covering everything packed into the box, it serves as a good reminder that you’re going to need a PlayStation Camera for PlayStation VR. Go dig that up.

Sony’s second video, below, offers a step-by-step guide to plugging everything in. You’re going to have to free up a power outlet and dedicate one of the PlayStation 4’s USB ports, so plan ahead.

Finally, the third video walks PlayStation VR owners through the process of setting up their play space. There’s some handy info on how to properly set up your PlayStation Camera, how to prevent the PS4 from losing track of your headset and when to shoo your dog away for his or her own safety.

PlayStation VR will be available Thursday, Oct. 13. For a look at our hands-on impressions with the retail version of PSVR, check out this video of the device.

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