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Overwatch is getting in the spirit of Halloween with loot boxes (update)

Get ready to do some Monster Mash-ing

Overwatch on Reddit

Halloween-themed loot boxes will go on sale for Overwatch players starting tomorrow, based on an update from the European PlayStation blog. It’s our first concrete set of details about the heavily rumored event, about which a flurry of details leaked out over the past several days.

The blog post doesn’t give prices for the loot boxes, nor does it offer further information beyond their existence. Members of the game’s Reddit community have unearthed a few other details about Halloween in Overwatch for themselves, pointing fans toward a teaser on the game’s Taiwanese website that seems to confirm the event.

On that site’s homepage, an image of popular characters Roadhog and Junkrat appeared side-by-side in Halloween garb. It’s since been removed, but a screenshot indicates that the event will run from Oct. 12 through Nov. 1. Leaked patch notes from a Korean online gaming notice board also seem to confirm an Oct. 12 launch date.

On Saturday, Russian fans posted an image from a purported Overwatch comic called “Junkenstein” — like Frankenstein, in case you didn’t catch the pun — kicking speculation about possible in-game Halloween festivities into overdrive.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to formally announce the Halloween event itself. The company has previously said it plans to continue launching holiday-centric games for players, following the success of the inaugural Summer Games event earlier this year.

Update: Overwatch fansite Overpwn has leaked several other details from the upcoming Halloween event, including images of skins, video of a loot crate unboxing and details on a four-player brawl, named after the Junkenstein comic.

Twelve new skins will be included in the forthcoming update, which is pegged for a 2 p.m. ET launch, according to community-mined patch notes. An imgur gallery, below, shows the entire range of costumed Overwatch heroes.

Players unlock these with the special event loot boxes; you can watch one get opened below.

The co-op brawl stars Junkrat as the maniacal Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, leaked details confirm; it’s up to Ana, Hanzo, McCree and Solider: 76 to take him down while keeping the castle doors safe and secure.

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