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Watch Luke Cage reimagined as a Family Matters reboot

The classic sitcom heads to Harlem

Luke Cage is one of Marvel and Netflix’s more serious series, focusing on themes like gentrification, poverty and crime. In a new video from YouTube creator Zach Ace, Luke Cage and the crew get reimagined as the cast of characters from CBS’ longrunning sitcom from the ‘90s, Family Matters.

Aside from the actual change in characters, there are a couple of other noticeable differences between these opening credits and the original ones from Family Matters. The biggest difference is the location used in the video. In the original Family Matters theme song, the skyline of Chicago was used to open up the series before focusing on the Winslow house in one of the city’s suburbs. In the Luke Cage version, most of the footage is of New York City, as one would expect, with a couple of shots of the Brooklyn bridge and Harlem used as a focal point.

Ace has worked on similar videos before, using the cast of the Avengers and the theme song to ABC’s Full House. Unlike that video, however, one of the most remarkable things about the Luke Cage and Family Matters mashup is the huge change in tone that the new intro gives to the series. If you couldn’t imagine Luke Cage as a sitcom before, Ace’s new video makes it impossible not to want a comedic version of the show now.

Luke Cage’s first season is streaming in its entirety on Netflix now.

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