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Overwatch’s latest patch has big changes for the Halloween averse too

In case costumes and candy just aren’t your things

Overwatch Halloween Terror skins screenshots

Halloween has come to Overwatch today, and its new line of costume changes, spooky sprays and hilarious victory poses is dominating all conversation within the game’s community. But what if All Hallows’ Eve just isn’t your thing? Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s patch notes for the encompassing Halloween update, there’s still plenty worth celebrating for the more stoic player.

Overwatch’s competitive mode receives a fix today that should please those with poor connections. Leaving a match, whether by choice or otherwise, will no longer prevent you from re-entering it while it’s ongoing. Anyone can rejoin at any point, although a disconnected player’s teammates who leave two minutes in will record a loss for doing so.

With the addition of leaderboards, however, players may now want to preserve their win streaks. This feature shows off each region’s top 500 competitors, but it can get more specific from there — there are separate boards where players can compare themselves against their friends, and the Halloween Terror event also has its own board for participants in the new Junkenstein brawl.

Other changes are minor, including some hero balancing tweaks and aesthetic effects. Some will be happy to hear that the new Dual-Zone mode for controllers is set by default, giving players increased precision.

The Halloween updates obviously dominate the news here, but the patch notes still run several posts long, appeasing the most granular, Halloween-hating Overwatch fans. Just don’t go looking for any hints of the long-awaited next hero Sombra in there.

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