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Discover if World of Final Fantasy is too painfully adorable next week

Or watch its anime intro right now to find out

World of Final Fantasy is the latest spinoff in the venerated role-playing series, but depending on where you fall along the spectrum of cuteness, the game could either be a must-buy or a hard pass. Square Enix is giving fans the chance to test the limits of their appreciation for all things chibi and lighthearted by releasing a demo for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on Oct. 17.

The demo will let players check out the game’s other big selling point, big-headed anime characters aside: Fan favorites like Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud, Final Fantasy 8’s Squall and Final Fantasy 13’s Lightning will make appearances during the short mission. Seeing the build to its conclusion will net all players special armor, which can be carried over to the full game on launch day.

Before downloading the demo, though, you can watch World of Final Fantasy’s animated, cinematic intro above to get a sense of how amenable you are to all things happy, smiley and adorable. That way, there will be no surprises when the game arrives on Oct. 25.

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