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The hateful importance of Blighttown in creating Dark Souls players

You may hate it, but it’s still brilliant

Players may hate Blighttown, and that’s fair enough, but this video argues that Blighttown is the area that creates hardcore Dark Souls players. This is the area that tests your resolve. This is the area that subverts the vertical tropes of the game up until that point.

You're suddenly asked to fighting through an area where the environment itself fights back, while the game offers very little in the way of rewards. If you push through, if you ignore the lack of explicit celebration while tolerating the drudgery of this area, you will come out the other end as a stronger Dark Souls player.

It’s an area of the game that humbles the player while teaching you that the best rewards are implicit. You have to earn that feeling of achievement, even if the game’s world itself doesn’t do much to celebrate your work. If you can do this, you’re ready for the rest of the game.