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Overwatch fans’ devotion to Witch Mercy is literally huge

Even a 23,000-pixel wallpaper in her image just isn’t big enough

Overwatch Halloween Terror skins screenshots

Yesterday’s release of a witchy costume for everyone’s favorite Overwatch healer, Mercy, was a long time coming for many. But few seem content to just look lovingly at the reskinned character while playing the Halloween Terror update’s festive new brawl. Instead, they’re going to absurd lengths to keep Mercy with them at all times.

Sure, there’s the usual outpouring of fan art and the like. But the average Overwatch fan is going to tab away from Tumblr or Twitter eventually, and that’s where a Witch Mercy-themed wallpaper comes in handy. Using the art that adorns the game’s menu screen, some kind users are sharing high-quality images with others for use as a desktop background.

When we say “high-quality,” man, do we mean it. There are two popular options available to Reddit users: One is a live wallpaper that features a looping video of the menu screen, so that anyone can watch Mercy breathe very, very deeply whenever they want, forever, endlessly.

The other is a simpler static image ... at a 9600 x 5400 resolution.

That’s pretty huge, in case you don’t know much about resolution sizes. But even that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people.

“Thanks but I play on a 365 Gigapixel display projected on the sky of the northern hemisphere,” reads a top-rated response.

There is another option for people who need the biggest and best possible look at Witch Mercy accessible at any time. Courtesy of user scy1192 comes a 23040 x 12960 resolution wallpaper, which weighs in at 130 MB, in case you want to download it.

We know the Overwatch fandom can get pretty involved, but an intense obsession with Sombra’s got nothing on the insatiable need for more Witch Mercy.

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