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Two Nintendo DS classics have arrived on Wii U

Get your wallets out, Animal Crossing and Kirby lovers

Animal Crossing Wild World

Nintendo’s weekly download update brings two big-name releases to Wii U eShop today: Animal Crossing: Wild World and Kirby Canvas Curse. While these games perhaps aren’t on the level of Wii U-compatible masterpieces like Super Mario Galaxy, they’re big gets for Nintendo DS fans who have since moved on to modern hardware.

There’s no price listed for either game yet on Nintendo’s website, although they’ll likely cost $9.99 like other Nintendo DS ports. The usual Virtual Console features will apply, meaning Wild World and Canvas Curse are playable off-screen with the Wii U GamePad.

Canvas Curse marks yet another Kirby game available to Wii U owners, who also have the console-exclusive Kirby and the Rainbow Curse to choose from. Canvas Curse was an early title for Nintendo DS, making great use of the new hardware’s unique touchscreen capabilities as players guided an orb-like, colorful Kirby to safety.

But this is a much larger deal for Animal Crossing fanatics, whose sole Wii U offering in the franchise is Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. The critically panned multiplayer game strays far from the series’ simulation origins, instead taking the beloved animal neighbors and transporting them onto a Mario Party-esque game board.

Wild World is a big deal even if it weren’t the only legitimate Animal Crossing for Wii U fans, though. The game remains deeply beloved by longtime fans of both the series and the Nintendo DS, and is remembered fondly for its innovations, like online multiplayer and increased customization and communication options.

As the Wii U winds down, its Virtual Console library remains vibrant; Nintendo updates the eShop every Thursday morning with new and classic titles.

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