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PlayStation VR being sold at a profit, Sony says

Not a loss leader


PlayStation is making money on its PlayStation VR hardware at launch, Shawn Layden, chairman of Worldwide Studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, told Polygon.

"We’re making money on the VR console," he said when asked in a recent interview.

While it’s not unusual for game console creators to sell their systems at a loss initially, Sony has recently made a habit of avoiding that.

In 2014, Sony president and CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the PlayStation 4 isn’t being sold at a loss.

"From a profitability perspective, PS4 is also already contributing profit on a hardware unit basis, establishing a very different business framework from that of previous platform businesses," he said at the time.

The same is true for the Xbox One, according to Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi in 2013.

"The strategy will continue which is that we're looking to be break even or low margin at worst on [Xbox One]," said Mehdi, according to Daily Tech. "And then make money selling additional games, the Xbox Live service and other capabilities on top. And as we can cost-reduce our box as we've done with 360, we'll do that to continue to price reduce and get even more competitive with our offering."

The PlayStation VR launched today for $399. You can read more of our conversation with Layden about the potential of the system, the launch lineup and where VR is headed in our full feature right here.

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