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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest batch of new monsters is led by some familiar favorites

Say hi to Party Muk and Vacation Grimer

We’ve met a ton of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s additions to the Pokédex in the lead-up to the games’ Nov. 18 launch, and today brings about several more monsters. A new trailer dropped this morning, introducing us to some evolutions and two regional takes on old-school Pokémon, as well as a pair of never-before-seen human trainers in the mix.

Although new Pokémon like Silvally, the evolution of the mysterious Type: Null, are cool to see, it’s the Alola region versions of Muk and Grimer that are the video’s highlight. Muk in particular gets a pretty festive redesign in the tropical locale — who thought a pile of sludge could be so colorful?

Pokémon aside, the trailer reminds us that there are new trainers to compete against. There’s Olivia, who is in charge of the second island that players venture to in their journey to challenge them all. Joining the kahuna is Ilima, who is beloved by members of the local Pokémon trainer school.

We’ll have a breakdown of all the new Pokémon later today, so check back in for more if you can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS games to arrive. A demo also hits the eShop later this month.

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