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These are Pokémon Sun and Moon’s eight newest monsters

This batch is evolution-heavy — and party-ready

We won’t begin to count how many Pokémon in total have been revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon already, but we’re more than happy to assess the latest eight, who were shown off in the games’ new trailer. Below, we’ll walk you through the new Pokémon that trainers will get to catch — and evolve their finds into — starting Nov. 18.


Let’s get this guy out of the way first. The normal-type evolution to Type: Null looks only slightly less confounding than its predecessor, in that we can at least better make out its eyes and mouth this time. That’s because the mask that weighs Type: Null down is removed when it evolves, giving it a major speed boost in the process.

It’s also a lot more feisty than Type: Null, the Sun and Moon site proclaims, but Silvally can be tamed with the help of some special items. These allow the Pokémon to change its type at will ... which puts Type: Null’s name into perspective, for sure.


This bulletproof dragon evolves from the baby-sized Jangmo-o. Although it looks tough, it’s got a secret passion: Hakamo-o just wants to dance.

But as any ballerina or Michael Jackson impersonator will tell you, dancing requires a ton of strength. Hakamo-o becomes one with the music in its head to intimidate foes, before launching into a battle cry and taking them down. Its tough scales also help it show that this Pokémon means business.


Here’s the final evolution in the Jangmo-o line of dragons. The dragon/fighting-type is the result of some intense training on its pre-evolutions’ parts, and its description sure makes it sound impressive. The scales on Kommo-o’s back single-handedly protect the world from becoming engulfed in darkness, and keeping those shimmering scales powerful is its motivation to keep fighting.

What’s really cool about Kommo-o, though, is that its method of attack is through some extreme punching action. We can’t wait to see it uppercut its way through an intense Pokémon battle.


In case you can’t choose a preference between bees or flies, here’s Ribombee, which is both bee and fly. Somehow, Ribombee takes these two unattractive creatures and becomes one super adorable Pokémon. That’s no surprise, since it evolves from Cutiefly, but just look at its tiny little baby face and try not to say “aww.”

Ribombee are cheerful and pleasant, unless it’s raining. That instantly makes them extremely relatable, as well as reliable measures of what the weather will be like for the rest of the day.


Steenee evolves from Bounsweet, a sentient piece of fruit. That’s well and good, but here’s the best thing about it, courtesy of its Pokémon Sun and Moon page: “The calyx on Steenee's head is harder than Bounsweet’s, so Steenee no longer worries about being stabbed by other Pokémon.”

That’s a lovely if troubling thought, and it’s nice to know that Steenee can go chill with any Pokémon it desires, anxiety-free. Steenee is defined by its carefree, oblivious nature, in fact, and will frequently spin right into other Pokémon and objects without a second thought. This cutie is kind of a ditz, but that’s why we love it.


First comes Bounsweet, than Steenee, and last is Tsareena. This Pokémon is a downright babe, of the same order as Gardevoir, Roselia and Lopunny. We haven’t gone looking for fan art yet, but we expect that it’s in the works as we speak.

Tsareena’s ability is called “Queenly Majesty,” and its attacks are all elegant high kicks. All who come in contact with it are entranced by its sweet scent and noble air. Considering that only especially tough Steenee can evolve into Tsareena anyway, expect this Pokémon to really dish out the damage. Remember that when you’re all awestruck around it.

Alolan Grimer

Grimer gets a fresh coat of paint for the Alola region. Its sort of tragic origin story is befitting of the sludge monster:

When the population of the Alola region increased, dealing with their garbage became a serious problem. As a solution, Grimer were imported from other regions. They fed primarily on garbage, so their body composition changed—as did their form.

Eeesh. Honestly, though, we really do understand Alolan Grimer, and can even relate to it on an intimate level. It’s always eating garbage — check that one off your list — and if there’s no garbage around, it will go straight for inanimate, inedible objects instead. We’ve all been there. It’s not just you, Alolan Grimer.

Alolan Muk

Last but certainly not least is the Alolan version of Muk, Grimer’s even more amorphous evolved form. Muk is constantly hungry, except it requires toxins to stay satisfied. Those toxins help charge up the crystals embedded into its sludge for use in battle.

One may think Muk (and Grimer) smells terrible, considering all that trash it ingests. Not so for Alola’s Muk. Any gross scents are localized within its body. That makes this colorful monster way more fun to party with, and we absolutely hope that we can get down and dirty with this one — just look at those colors! They’re so tropical!