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One of pinball’s design greats just unveiled a new table

See it in action

Dialed In, the first pinball table created by legendary designer Pat Lawlor in the past ten years, was unveiled this week at the 32nd Annual Pinball Expo in Chicago.

The table will be built by Jersey Jack with a limited run of collector’s edition and limited edition versions shipping next summer. The collector’s edition will sell for $12,500 and the limited edition will sell for $9,000.

“We are so excited to finally be able to share this game with our fans,” said Jack Guarnieri, Jersey Jack Pinball founder and industry veteran, in a prepared statement. “This machine embodies our company-wide mission to bring premium, no-compromise games to our fans, with features that have never been seen before in a pinball game.”

The Dialed In pinball features art by illustrator John Youssi, player-controlled audio jacks, a five-speaker stereo surround system, HD LCD screen and Bluetooth connection, which will allow players to unlock additional capabilities on the table through their smartphone.

This will be Jersey Jack’s third table. The other two were both based on movie properties: The Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit.

Lawlor began designing pinball machines in 1987 and quickly built a following of devotees who relished his approach to playfield design and use of gameplay altering toys. Among some of his best known tables are The Addams Family, Twilight Zone and Earthshaker.

You can see Dialed In in action below.

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