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Anti-Trump ad campaign viciously slams Republican nominee as a Hanzo player

Turns out he’s a Hanzo main, and he’s terrible at it

We can’t say for sure if Donald Trump, ex-reality television star and current Republican presidential nominee, is an Overwatch player. But a billboard posted in Orlando, Florida this week has an idea of just what kind of Overwatch player Trump would be, and according to the poster’s creators at Cards Against Humanity, “Trump is Not a Team Player.”

That’s the name of an anti-Trump campaign launched this week by the company’s political action group, Nuisance Committee. While the Overwatch-themed billboard — which positions Trump as an arrogant Hanzo fan, one of the community’s most maligned, “spammy” types of player — is the most visible element of its sloganeering, the Committee’s website goes even further with the joke.

Artwork abounds of Trump cosplaying as various Overwatch characters, like a surly Hanzo and aggravated Junkrat. The Nuisance Committee employs a gaming metaphor to disparage Trump, painting him as that sore loser whom no one wants to be stuck on a team with.

“Winning Overwatch is contingent upon exceptional teamwork, and the billboard and companion website emphasize Donald Trump's pattern of blaming others for his own failures and shortcomings,” Cards Against Humanity explained in a press release.

Overwatch fans of any political affiliation should be able to appreciate the campaign if for nothing else than the art. Comic book artist Daniel WarrenJohnson is behind the character crossovers, and his Twitter includes one that isn’t included on the website. Take a look at social media-exclusive Donald J. Bastion and the rest of the gang below.

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