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Overwatch players really love getting Halloween candy from Ana

Foes become friends when the treats come out

The rules of Overwatch are pretty simple: Control the point. Protect the payload. Kill the red team. But one feature recently added to Overwatch as part of Blizzard’s holiday-themed Halloween Terror event can blur the line between friend and foe.

That would be candy.

Support sniper Ana received a new emote as part of this week’s Overwatch update. She takes out a jack-o’-lantern-shaped basket and distributes Halloween candy. YouTube user Escobario shows that previously held allegiances don’t really matter when candy’s coming your way. Members of the enemy team are willing to look the other way and put their guns down when sweet treats are raining down from Overwatch’s most senior mom.

If you want to be everybody’s favorite sniper, Ana’s emote is part of more than 100 new cosmetic items added to Overwatch this week. For a look at some of the skins and sprays that dropped during Halloween Terror, check out our gallery.

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