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Check out Tyranny's new Conquest mode in 100 minutes of new footage

Navigate the politics of an evil fantasy army in Paradox and Obsidian's new RPG

We were impressed with Tyranny when we saw it back during E3, and again when we looked at an updated build last month. A classic PC role-playing game where you play as a full-on bad guy? Yep, that sounds cool.

Well, just last week we got to take a look at a near-final build of Tyranny and play it from the very beginning of the game. And so far, at least, our interest has been paid off with a game that's shaping off to be just as deep, fascinating and challenging as we've come to expect from developer Obsidian Entertainment.

In the video above, we've shared 100 minutes from our first three hours with the game. Most notably, we show off Conquest mode, an option you'll be able to jump into when you first start a game. In the board game-esque Conquest mode, you make choices regarding where and how you served in the lead-up to Kyros the Overlord taking over the world. This will determine your role in the world as the game proper starts, including how different factions react to you based on your history with them.

It's a clever starter that really helps establish the sense of a pre-existing world, a place with history both political and personal. And, hey, if you're not a fan, you can skip over Conquest mode and choose a simpler pre-set of conditions.

If you'd like to play Tyranny for yourself, you don't have to wait much longer. It will be out for Windows PC and Mac on Nov. 10.

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