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New Red Dead Redemption image shows seven silhouettes

A day later, a second tease from Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption tease 2 Rockstar Games

Rockstar continues to tease something Red Dead Redemption-related, posting a second image tied to the Western game on Twitter this morning. A larger version — embedded at the bottom of this post — went up on the developer’s website.

On Sunday, Rockstar tweeted a picture of its logo centered on a splotchy field of red. No new details have hit beyond the second image, and the company has not responded to requests for comment. We’ll update this story if Rockstar responds.

Open-world Western action game Red Dead Redemption was initially released in May 2010 to overwhelmingly positive reaction from both fans and critics. The game was built on the RAGE engine and ran on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Some critics have called it the best game to hit those two systems.

In the title, you play as John Marston, who is forced to take on work from a gang after his wife and son are taken hostage. The game has you playing in a third-person perspective as you ramble through 1911’s Mexico and the western United States.

This summer, Red Dead Redemption received backward compatibility support on the Xbox One. That support included the original title as well as the Undead Nightmare add-on and Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition.

Update: If it seems like your entire Twitter feed has been dominated by Red Dead hype these last 24 hours ... well, that’s because it has been. Analyst Daniel Ahmad shared a couple graphs that illustrate these spikes:

Update 2: As Ben Gilbert at Business Insider points out, “Rockstar's parent company — Take-Two Interactive — is enjoying a massive spike in its stock price” this morning following the Sunday and Monday teases for a new Red Dead game. And, it’s also worth noting, Red Dead isn’t even Rockstar’s marquee franchise, Grand Theft Auto is.

TTWO is trading up following the tease of a new Red Dead installment
Yahoo Finance
Seven armed figures approach with a red background and a setting sun behind them
The latest tease for something Red Dead-related
Rockstar Games

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