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Inside the decision to delay showing Star Citizen’s single-player module

CitizenCon was awkward this year, and here’s why

This year’s CitizenCon, held in Los Angeles on the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the production of Star Citizen, was a bit of a let down. After an hourlong delay the keynote presentation began with very little to show of the game itself. Then, a bombshell: The first episode of the game’s single-player module, called Squadron 42, would not be released in 2016. It wouldn’t even be shown.

Just last week, the team at Roberts Space Industries released a short documentary chronicling the two weeks leading up to CitizenCon. The film, which was clearly intended to be a victory lap, instead does an admirable job showing what it’s like to make a AAA-quality product under intense scrutiny and pressure.

At nine minutes, 13-seconds, the film even takes us inside the room where the fateful decision was made to not show the single-player demo.

As frustrating as it has been at times to watch the pace of Star Citizen’s various modules, this film is a brave attempt to open the doors on what must be a very challenging development situation.

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