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Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker would play the 1993 version of Doom for the rest of his life

Solid choice, Charlie

Charlie Brooker, the creator and lead writer on Netflix’s dystopian series about technology, Black Mirror, has a long history with video games. In the ‘90s, he reviewed games for PC Zone magazine. He’s also written about them at length in publications like The Guardian and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Recently, he dedicated an entire episode of his show’s third season to examining the possible future of the industry.

As someone with an obvious avid interest in the medium, the question of which game Brooker would play for the rest of his life came up in an interview with Vulture. Brooker didn’t say if he thought it was the best game of all time or if it was his favorite, but when asked which game he’d play forever, Brooker said 1993’s Doom.

Doom was such a black-swan event,” Brooker said. “It was so beyond anything I’d seen that I thought, ‘That’s it. This is the best that games are ever going to get. It can’t get better than this. So if you could freeze time in that moment, I’d be satisfied.”

Although Brooker didn’t bring up the newest iteration of the game in his interview, he did tweet about it in May, saying that he “heartily approved of this Doom rebirth.” When asked by a follower if he had tried out Uncharted 4, Brooker replied that he didn’t have time too because he was too engrossed with this year’s Doom.

Black Mirror’s third season premieres on Netflix on Oct. 21.

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