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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s biggest rumor looks like it just got confirmed

Spoilers! Spoilers! All the spoilers!

pokemon sun and moon

Before Pokémon Sun and Moon’s demo even arrived in North America — that’s happening at 10 a.m. ET today — players worldwide had rifled through its files to find anything never-before-seen.

Turns out, there’s a whole mess of new content in there. You have been warned for a ton of spoilers.

Twitter, YouTube and the rest of the internet exploded in the middle of the night with their findings from datamining the demo. This pair of videos, by YouTuber Kaphotics, includes several extremely convincing sprites that they say are taken straight from the game.

The first shows off a ton of new Pokémon:

This one focuses on shiny versions of Pokémon we’ve seen before and then some:

Others on Twitter have been posting similar results, and many have said that the entire Pokédex is in fact included within this short demo build. We’ll get to the full list of new finds later today, but let’s zero in on these three Pokémon for now:

If you’ve been following the Pokémon community closely over the past few months, these guys will look extremely familiar: They’ve long been said to be the final evolutions of the starter Pokémon. We first saw them in an image that, while first engendering skepticism, has become increasingly validated as new Pokémon have continued to show.

This set of concept art has made the rounds since July, with folks saying that it stems from somewhere in China. At first, many didn’t want to believe it — look at that fire/fighting-type monstrosity that Litten ends up evolving into! But now, it sure does look like this is real.

Perhaps we should have bought this rumor wholesale months ago, when its original poster included several other details that have since been confirmed. (Included notes are that there are no gyms, there’s a sea cucumber Pokémon and there are new accessories similar to the Mega Stones, all of which we know now to be true.) But with fans having now officially broken into the game itself, there’s no way to deny that this leak sure looks real.

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