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Battlefield 1 isn't trash, but what if it was though?

Let's think really hard about it

This week on SEO Play I tackle Battlefield 1, a game which turned out to be quite well-liked despite all the reservations everyone had about it. We googled what people are asking about Battlefield 1, and found that fans were concerned it would be trash! Trash Garbage!

Don't worry though, the whole episode isn't mostly about that! We also reveal some secrets about Battlefield 1, including the never-before-answered question of what war it's about. So I guess this video contains some spoilers!

In all seriousness, I have to apologize to Battlefield 1, because I made fun of it, and then I watched the level with the pigeon, and as that pigeon soared steadily over the war-torn countryside, giving players a brief respite while reminding them of the scope and scale of the terrible war that engulfed Europe, I wept. I wept like a tiny confused baby.

So watch this episode of SEO Play! It's funny. There are also other episodes, that live on our YouTube channel. You can see them in the playlist below.

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