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FIFA 17 title update gives much-needed buff to AI players

In response to user feedback, CPU players will attack more

FIFA 17's first title update should deliver welcome news to users who felt AI players were too passive and the shooting command was not as responsive as it should be.

"Increased the CPU AI tendency to attack directly" should make games against the computer more challenging and should also provide some assist from teammates surrounding a user-controlled team.

Users had chided FIFA 17 for AI players' overt tendency to hang back and pass the ball back and forth more than building up the attack, which seemed to be entirely on user-controlled players. This made AI defense more effective than it really should be.

Another fix: increasing the responsiveness of shooting commands. The patch notes aren't any more specific about what problem this corrects, but some users have generally observed laggy input that either wasted shot opportunities or disrupted their shot power's timing.

Of note, FIFA 17's title update will introduce some new broadcast elements for the Premier League presentation, including animations and overlays introducing each side's roster and formation.

FIFA 17 presentation animation EA Vancouver/Electronic Arts

Also, a particularly nettlesome cosmetic issue where custom players' appearances did not display properly in the game has been resolved.

The entire patch notes may be seen here. For more on FIFA 17read our review.

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