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Dead Star’s multiplayer shuts off next month

Sounds like the end for Armature’s space action game

dead star

Dead Star, the strategy-filled, deep space action game that hit Steam and PlayStation 4 in April, is losing a key component next month: online multiplayer. A notice on the game’s website announced that all online capabilities will shut down on Nov. 1.

Produced by Armature, the game received tepid reviews earlier this year. SteamSpy shows its total players at under 4,000, and Dead Star most recently boasted a concurrent players peak of one. PlayStation Plus members received the PS4 version as a freebie just after its release, but the game failed to light up space fans and lovers of strategic gameplay.

Without any online multiplayer, it’s hard to say whether there’s reason to return to Dead Star. It appears that the game has already been removed from the Steam marketplace for good measure; a link to its store listing redirects right to the storefront’s homepage.

Armature’s second release this year, ReCore, received far more press than its multiplayer-focused older sibling. That game turned out to be disappointing as well, based on our review.

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