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Beyond Good & Evil 2 delays explained by creator

Michel Ancel says the long-awaited sequel will include planet exploration and space travel

Beyond Good & Evil 2 character prototypes

After years of waiting, Ubisoft finally confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in development earlier this month. Now Michel Ancel, the director of the original game, has explained exactly what took so long.

In a post on his Instagram account (via @Nibellion), Ancel shared the image above, which showcases character models from the original 2008 version of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ancel says that version of the game “was playable with many prototypes” but had an array of technical problems that the team couldn’t solve.

“We wanted planet exploration, space travel, cities,” Ancel explains. “All of this was also supposed to be in BGE1.”

Ancel goes on to explain that his team at Ubisoft faced the choice of either cutting back on the scope of “the game of our dreams,” or making something else while they waited for the technology to catch up. They went with the latter, shifting development resources onto Rayman Origins and its follow-ups.

Ancel says the team at Ubisoft still has “loooooots of work,” but that the proper tech to support his vision for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now in place. Here’s hoping that we hear lots more soon.

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