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Wolverine looks old and tired in this first look from Logan

So much gray happening


Just before New York Comic Con, Logan director James Mangold tweeted out a photo of an aged Professor Charles Xavier and essentially confirmed that the newest Wolverine movie would follow Old Man Logan.

Today, the director tweeted out the first photo of actor Hugh Jackman as the aged mutant. The film will focus on an older Logan, who suffers from chronic pain and limited healing abilities, living in a world where mutants are scarce. In the photo below, it’s pretty obvious that this is a weaker version of the character than we’re used to. There are more wrinkles outlining his face, scars across his cheek, and his hair isn’t as outrageously cartoonish as its been in previous films.

The film will take Logan on a cross-country road trip across America, much like the Old Man Logan comic run did. Based on Instagram photos that are being uploaded to a “wponx” account, it looks like Mangold has plans to stick pretty closely to what occurs in that mini-run.

Both Mangold’s Twitter and the “wponx” Instagram account have been pretty great resources for inside looks at what’s going on with the film. The Instagram account especially seems to be offering up little Easter eggs for fans of the comic book series.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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