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Destiny’s Festival of the Lost items leak before Halloween event is announced

Thirty-eight new items, 21 updated old ones

Festival of the Lost, the Halloween-themed event that Destiny introduced last year, hasn't been officially announced for Destiny: Rise of Iron yet, but data miners have already found out what the special items on offer will be, whenever it gets going.

The list includes 38 new items, and 21 holdovers from 2015 that are now updated. Among them are two emotes ("Howl" and "Terrify") and the S-35 "Jealousy" Sparrow that is, appropriately, bright green.

Ishtar Collective pulled out the names and thumbnail images (shown above) of the items, but found no further details. Ten are listed as quests.

The patch notes for Destiny’s latest update, which rolled out yesterday, had indicated that the game was being prepared for the Festival of the Lost's return. Bungie also mentioned back in August that the Festival was coming back (along with the Sparrow Racing League) sometime after the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion in September.

A thread on the Destiny subreddit has more on what the items mean and how the Festival will work this year, though its dates are not yet confirmed. Last year, Festival of the Lost ran from Oct. 26 to Nov. 9.

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