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Grand Theft Auto 5's exploding Note 7 mod video yanked from YouTube by Samsung

Mod can be easily found online though

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A mod that weaponizes a mobile phone in Grand Theft Auto 5, parodying the well known problems of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, has seen a YouTube video of its shenanigans taken down on a copyright demand attributed to the device maker.

If Samsung really was behind the takedown it seems to have created more publicity, rather than less, for the parody, which remains on this mod site and has several other videos elsewhere on YouTube, including this one below.

The mod was uploaded Oct. 1 and has been downloaded about 6,700 times since then. It replaces the sticky bomb with an item that resembles the phone. There are instructions for changing the device's wallpaper and cover, but that's really all it does.

It has been a week of brutal news for Samsung, which stopped production on its high-end phone altogether after a recall and battery replacement initiated in September failed to fix the problem. The device is considered such a hazard it has been banned from all U.S. flights since Saturday, even if it is turned off.

• VIA Techdirt

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