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Someone at Agents of SHIELD is clearly an Overwatch fan

Someone in the Marvel writers' room plays defense

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Marvel and ABC’s Avengers spinoff television series, had more than its share of Overwatch references. As spotted by YouTube user CherryTF (via Reddit), in the episode "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire," the Inhuman JT "Hellfire" James shared a good portion of his dialogue from Overwatch’s Junkrat. Watch it for yourself in the video above.

Both Hellfire and Junkrat share similar backgrounds. Hellfire was described as "a demolitions expert, Australian, [and] former mercenary" by SHIELD agent Lincoln Campbell in an earlier episode. Blizzard’s bio on Junkrat calls him an "anarchist, thief, demolitionist, mercenary [and] scavenger." And, of course, Junkrat — aka Jamison Fawkes — is Australian.

Either someone on the Agents of SHIELD writing team is a big fan of Overwatch, or they were simply looking for some extremely authentic Australian-sounding dialogue.

Update: Apparently, the big Overwatch fan is writer Matt Owens. He took to the Reddit thread discussing the Overwatch similarities to confirm fans' suspicions.

Hi. Matt Owens, writer of the episode here. Can confirm the references. A couple of Tracer ones too from Simmons. Subtle ones cause her quotes would be too obvious to sneak in. Hooray crossover!