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Smite developer reveals turn-based strategy spinoff, Smite Tactics

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Built a deck of gods

Hi-Rez Studios, the developer behind Smite and the recently released Paladins, revealed a new game today during a livestream. It’s called Smite Tactics and takes the mythological gods and monsters of Smite’s pantheons and sends them to a new battlefield with turn-based — and card-based — tactical combat.

Smite Tactics began its existence as a paper prototype tabletop game. It’s set in the Smite universe and is built to be played with both a keyboard and a controller, Hi-Rez Studios said. Players will assume control of gods like Zeus or Odin, then position their units, determined by a deck of cards, on a grid-based board and use the terrain and godlike powers to dispatch their foes.

Hi-Rez promises competitive multiplayer and single-player adventures for Smite Tactics. Players will be able to get their hands on the free-to-play game later this year, when Smite Tactics enters a closed beta testing period.

Smite Tactics will launch with four pantheons: Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese. Hi-Rez says the game has been in active development for some time, with 13 staffers currently working on the game.

Beta signups are currently open at the game’s official website.