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Nintendo’s NX reveal video will be six times longer than the one the Wii got

Maybe we’ll see a machine!

Wii U at E3

Last night Nintendo announced it would be releasing a “preview trailer” for the NX today at 10 a.m. ET. Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account said the video will be three minutes long.

(You’ll be able to watch the new video and chat among yourselves about it right here when the time hits.)

Those of you used to Nintendo’s lengthy deep dives into products via the semi-regular Nintendo Direct may be a little disappointed to hear this first NX video is so relatively short.

But perhaps you don’t remember how Nintendo revealed the Revolution back in April 2006. Long anticipated, the first official video for Nintendo’s Revolution hit on a Thursday with a resounding thud.

The 32-second video, which you can view below, gave us a new, now familiar name for the Revolution: The Wii. (Sorry it’s so fuzzy, it was the only surviving video I could find.)

Those 30 seconds also gave us our first look at the Wii’s motion controller and a sense, a very slight sense, of the sorts of games we would all one day be playing on the system.

The name was initially a spectacular failure. Gamers everywhere hated it. The general public seemed confused and even advertising and marketing experts said it was a terrible choice. But it turned out that everyone, except Nintendo, was wrong.

The Wii managed to secure a place in gaming history by both outselling everything on the market and redefining what it means to be a “gamer,” or at least someone who plays games.

With three minutes to kill, I’d expect us to get a new name for the NX, a look at the system and its bits and pieces and maybe even some details on how it works.

The console is launching in March, but Nintendo still has a holiday to get through, one in which it wants to sell games and systems that are already out and in stores ... not to mention the much-anticipated NES Classic Edition. So I wouldn’t expect pricing or a deep dive into the intricacies of the system in today’s video.

Given how the Wii U was rolled out, with a big event in New York City starring the new system, tons of games and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, I’d expect something similar in the city early next year.

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