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Nintendo Switch will use cartridges

Happy Throwback Thursday

Nintendo’s next console, which we now know is called the Nintendo Switch, will use cartridges, the company announced during its brief reveal event this morning.

The GameCards are seen inserted into the top of the tablet-esque console. That's in keeping with previous reports about the heavily rumored console suggested that the company was shifting from discs to cartridges. These aren’t NES or Nintendo 64-sized, though; the system's GameCards are carts, similar to what's used on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld and home console system, a first for Nintendo. When it arrives next spring, it will be both portable and have the ability to connect to a TV for more standard console gaming. With the smaller form factor, it makes sense that the system will use handheld-style cartridges for its games.

We learned this and more during the console reveal this morning. Nintendo Switch will go on sale next March, and we'll find out more about it in the coming months.