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Nintendo Switch is getting a new Mario game

It’s a-him, Mario

Nintendo showed a glimpse of the first Mario game coming to Nintendo Switch his morning, as part of its debut of the highly anticipated new console. We know virtually nothing about this title, although we can expect to learn more ahead of Nintendo Switch's March 2017 launch.

We got a very quick look at how the famed plumber looks on the Nintendo Switch. We can't say much about the game yet, but the glimpse we got of Mario looks familiar — a platforming-style single-player adventure.

Earlier reports suggested that a new Mario game would be one of the first to arrive to Nintendo Switch, although Nintendo hasn't confirmed the launch titles for the system yet. A new Mario was just one of many games we saw this morning, like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Splatoon, a possible new Mario Kart and others.

As tiny a look as it was, it's one of several details we gleaned from today’s Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. We also finally — finally! — learned the name of the codename NX system, as well as got our first look at the console itself.

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