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Nintendo Switch uses detachable 'Joy-Con' controllers

All different ways to play


Nintendo Switch, the next gaming system from Nintendo, is a portable system that features two detachable controllers. Called Joy-Con controllers, the company detailed several configurations in which players can use the new peripherals.

The tiny, remote-like Joy-Con controllers are found on either side of the Nintendo Switch, which resembles a tablet. A single player can use both controllers in each hand, horizontally or vertically, or two players can divide the pair between them. Nintendo also mentioned that additional Joy-Con can be used for further multiplayer options.

Included on the Joy-Con is a control stick and the standard set of A/B/X/Y buttons.

There's also the Joy Grip accessory that players can pick up for what Nintendo calls a more "traditional" experience, combing the individual controllers into a single unit. We saw it briefly during the trailer, and we also got another quick peek at the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which closely resembles the Wii U's Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch — formerly known as the NX — will launch March 2017. Watch the reveal below.